Personal Injury

Are Baby Boxes Really Safe?

The use of baby boxes as safety devices may result in injury or death to infants. If a child is injured while confined in a baby box, parents may be entitled to damages. Fads versus Facts Baby boxes are being promoted as a safe place for babies to sleep. The reality is that much of the justification for the baby box fad is based on popular folklore and not so much on fact. The baby box concept originated in Finland where the government provides expectant mothers with a maternity package including a baby box for their newborn child. It is estimated that just 37 percent of parents in Finland use the boxes as a sleeping area. However, some … [...]

Have You Been Exposed to Toxic Mold?

Understanding how toxic mold forms and the medical problems commonly associated with exposure to this dangerous substance can help individuals protect their health and their rights. Since toxic mold poses serious health risks to people, companies can be held responsible when their actions result in toxic exposure to others. How Toxic Mold Forms While most forms of mold are harmless, exposure to toxic mold can be very dangerous for humans. This type of mold forms when water leaks, flooding or poor humidity control creates an environment that causes extra moisture where mold can develop. When toxic mold is found, professionals must … [...]

Are We Doing Enough to Protect Our Children from Dog Bites

Protecting children from dog bite injury requires vigilance on the part of parents, guardians, and dog owners. Illinois law holds dog owners responsible for the injuries caused by unprovoked dog bites. When the victims are children, the injuries can be significant. A personal injury lawyer can help families receive fair compensation for dog bite injuries suffered by their children. Children are at Highest Risk 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs in the United States each year. Eight hundred thousand of those victims require medical attention. More than half of those are children. Children are in proximity to dogs more often than adults … [...]

Can You Receive Social Security Disability And Unemployment At The Same Time?

A person may be able to qualify for Social Security disability and unemployment benefits even though these two programs have very different missions. However, applying for both types of benefits may raise certain implications, so it is important that claimants understand the potential risks and benefits of receiving both types of benefits at the same time. Social Security Disability Social Security disability is a program designed to provide monetary and medical benefits to individuals who suffer from a disabling condition that prevents them from maintaining substantially gainful employment. To qualify for Social Security disability, the … [...]

Staff Fatigue Is Linked to Increased Medical Errors in the Hospital ER

Fatigued doctors, nurses, and medical staff put hospital ER patients at increased risk for medical errors. Depending on the type of error and the patient's condition, injuries can range from mild to severe, even fatal. Medical Errors in the ER Doctors, nurses, and medical staff in hospital emergency rooms often work long hours and double shifts that contribute to fatigue and exhaustion, which in turn can lead to a confused mental state that significantly affects motor skills and judgment. These impairments often lead to mistakes and negligent behavior including misdiagnosis, failure to properly inform patients, medication errors, and … [...]

When a Summer Swim Causes Personal Injuries

Escaping the summer heat by taking a dip in the pool can lead to serious injury or death. On average, 9 people die in drowning accidents each day and many more suffer injuries including broken bones and lacerations. While children are at greatest risk, the reality is that anyone who takes a swim in a commercial or residential swimming pool is in danger of becoming the next statistic. In certain cases, swimming pool related injuries such as paralysis can have life changing consequences. Private Pool Owners Are Responsible for Safety Property owners are responsible for ensuring the safety and security of their swimming pool. They must take … [...]

In Illinois, Who Has the Right of Way in A Crosswalk?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 150 pedestrians were killed in 2015. This is the highest rate of pedestrian fatalities since 2007 when 171 pedestrians died. The State of Illinois has several laws governing what a crosswalk is, who has right of way, and what parties are responsible for different types of crosswalks. Defining a Crosswalk Illinois recognizes pedestrian crosswalks as designated areas between roads that may or may not be marked by the lines or signs. If a sidewalk is intersected by a street, it is understood that this is a crosswalk, even if there are no other indicators. Crosswalks can appear … [...]

Sensor Technologies in Autonomous Vehicles Could Reduce Vehicular Heatstroke

Advances in sensor technologies could significantly reduce deaths from vehicular heatstroke. The tragedy often happens to responsible, loving parents in a flash of human error when a child is unknowingly left in a vehicle or somehow gains access to it. Even at moderate temperatures as low as 55 degrees, heat in the interior of a car can rise to above 107, hot enough to kill a child. Despite initiatives like Safe Kids, program support from automakers, and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), over 30 children die from heatstroke each year across the United States. Who Is Responsible Conventional Vehicles Existing … [...]

Understanding Product Recalls

Defective and poorly designed products can endanger consumers. It is vital for people to understand what product recalls are and how they affect the products they use. Recalls are issued to reduce the risk of victims suffering injuries from dangerous products and to lessen the likelihood of legal action being taken against manufacturers and distributors. A manufacturer may issue a voluntary recall of one or more of its products after discovering safety issues or defects. Government agencies such as the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and the National Highway Transportation Safety … [...]

When Objects Fall Out of the Sky

OSHA records more than 50,000 incidents of workers being struck by falling objects each year. However, not all incidents are reported and investigated. Nationwide, the agency estimates that there are approximately 143 incidents per day. These objects include everything from hand tools and fasteners to steel beams and wooden trusses. When dropped from heights, even light objects have the potential to cause serious personal injuries to the person they strike. Injuries Caused by Falling Objects Falling objects can cause concussions, contusions, lacerations, and broken bones. They can also cause more serious injuries including Traumatic Brain … [...]