Personal Injury

How Causation Works in an Injury Case

Cartoon of an injured person lying in a sickbed Injured victims should have a clear understanding of how causation works when suing another person or company for damages. To recover fair compensation in a personal injury case, the plaintiff will need to show how the other entity's negligence or intentional acts caused the injuries. Causation encompasses two issues: (1) that “but for” the defendant’s actions, the plaintiff would not have been injured, and (2) that plaintiff’s injuries were a foreseeable result of the defendant’s actions. Actual Cause Actual cause refers to the circumstances of the events concerning the plaintiff’s … [...]

What’s Injuring Kids in America?

According to the National Safety Council and the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, the causes of injuries to children in America are varied. Childhood visits to emergency rooms and urgent care can be broken down based on the age group. The youngest kids suffer from conditions relating to birth and development. The next oldest suffer from unintentional injuries and issues present at birth. Kids five to fourteen years of age suffer from accidents, suicide, and cancer. The following is a brief list and description of some of the major culprits of childhood injuries and fatalities: Approximately 12,000 children (ages 19 … [...]

Measles Invades Illinois: Who’s to Blame?

Parents who do not vaccinate their children may be able to be held liable when their choice causes other people to be harmed. Measles, a childhood illness that was declared eradicated in the United States in 2000, has returned with a vengeance infecting hundreds of people in Illinois. These latest outbreaks put numerous children and people with compromised immune systems at risk as they are unable to get the same vaccinations as other individuals.   What Is Measles? Measles is a viral infection that causes fever, cough, inflamed eyes, runny nose, and widespread rashes. It can also cause diarrhea, ear infections, and pneumonia which … [...]

Who Is Liable for Slippery Sidewalk Injuries in Chicago?

Business owners are responsible for maintaining the safety of the sidewalks that abut their business and may be liable for injuries resulting from a slippery sidewalk. Chicago requires property owners to shovel snow and remove ice on sidewalks that abut their properties. Snow Removal Laws in Chicago Pursuant to Municipal Code of Chicago, property owners and occupants are required to shovel the snow and remove the ice in front of their buildings. The law requires anyone who owns or occupies a building that abuts a public way (i.e. sidewalk) to remove snow and ice. The law requires occupants to clear a five-foot path to allow individuals … [...]

Understanding Liability When a Recalled Product is Resold

The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 (“CPSIA”) forbids consumers from reselling products that have been recalled and resellers can be held liable for the damages these products cause. The CPSIA includes both commercial resellers, such as the Goodwill or Salvation Army, and garage sales, consignments, Etsy stores, and eBay businesses. What does the CPSIA restrict? The CPSIA makes it illegal to sell any product that has been recalled. The Act broadly defines “product” to include anything that is found in or around a school, home, or recreational setting including rugs, curtains, furniture, jewelry, toys, electronics, sports … [...]

5 Types of Burn Injuries

There are many types of burns that can cause permanent scarring, disfigurement, or even death. When severe burn injuries are caused by the negligence of someone else, the degree of the burn, its location on the body, and the type of burn injury help to determine damages in a personal injury case. Thermal burns Thermal burns often result from explosions or direct contact with flame or hot objects such as irons, cooking pans, and heated appliances. The severity of injury depends on the temperature of the heat source and the length of exposure. Chemical burns Most common in the workplace, chemical burns result from coming into contact with … [...]

Hunting Injuries that Might Surprise You

When hunting seasons open in Illinois, emergency rooms prepare for a wide range of surprising injuries from animal attacks, defective hunting equipment like guns, knives, tree stands and bows, and from overexertion. Preparing for hunting season, even in the spring when turkeys and coyotes are the animals of choice rather than deer, means understanding these risks. Five surprising hunting risks that Illinois hunters should watch for include: Injuries from Tree Stands Whitetail deer remains one of the most popular game animals in the country. Hunters utilize tree stands to get better visibility when hunting deer. These stands sit 20 to 30 … [...]

Did the Makers of OxyContin Lie About the Drug’s Safety and Efficacy?

The makers of  OxyContin have aggressively marketed the drug as a safe, twelve-hour controlled-release medication that provided steady pain relief with a reduced risk for addiction or abuse. The company's deceptive marketing practices and fraudulent claims have led to addiction and overdose injuries throughout the United States, feeding the opioid epidemic. A Common Link in Opioid Addiction Opioid misuse takes the lives of more than 90 Americans every day. It’s a growing problem that has attracted the attention of lawmakers, governors, and even the President, resulting in a declared war on opioid addiction. In Illinois alone, opioid … [...]

Are Baby Boxes Really Safe?

The use of baby boxes as safety devices may result in injury or death to infants. If a child is injured while confined in a baby box, parents may be entitled to damages. Fads versus Facts Baby boxes are being promoted as a safe place for babies to sleep. The reality is that much of the justification for the baby box fad is based on popular folklore and not so much on fact. The baby box concept originated in Finland where the government provides expectant mothers with a maternity package including a baby box for their newborn child. It is estimated that just 37 percent of parents in Finland use the boxes as a sleeping area. However, some … [...]

Have You Been Exposed to Toxic Mold?

Understanding how toxic mold forms and the medical problems commonly associated with exposure to this dangerous substance can help individuals protect their health and their rights. Since toxic mold poses serious health risks to people, companies can be held responsible when their actions result in toxic exposure to others. How Toxic Mold Forms While most forms of mold are harmless, exposure to toxic mold can be very dangerous for humans. This type of mold forms when water leaks, flooding or poor humidity control creates an environment that causes extra moisture where mold can develop. When toxic mold is found, professionals must … [...]