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Thursday, Oct 3, 2013 |

A lawsuit has been filed over this week’sĀ collision that injured dozens of passengersĀ aboard a Chicago Transit Authority train.

The lawsuit was filed by Kim Quatch, who’s seeking at least $50,000 in damages. She was a passenger who was hurt on a Blue Line train that was rammed by an empty, unmanned train Monday in the Chicago suburb of Forest Park.

Video footage shows that no one was driving the four-car train when it rumbled the wrong way and crashed into a parked train about 10 miles west of Chicago.

As many as four dozen people were treated for minor injuries.

CTA officials still aren’t clear what happened or how the out-of-service train got out of the Forest Park yard. Despite multiple systems designed to prevent runaway trains, this rogue train somehow managed to slip out of the yard and travel the wrong way onto the Blue Line tracks.

An investigation into what caused the crash is continuing. Service to the CTA’s Harlem station on the Blue Line resumed early Wednesday.

The CTA declined to comment on the litigation.