“Hello Mr. Smoler,

I hope this email finds you well. I want to take this time to thank you in my moms name and me for all your time and dedication throughout this case.

Thank you for believing in my mom. May God bless you, your family and business.”

“Dear Future clients,

Allow me to take this time to thank Robert Smoler and his office staff for all there assistance with answering questions, returning phone calls, plus replying to emails during my case. They made me comfortable and relaxed during the process, but what really impressed me was how he handled my Aunt’s case where her youngest child past. My aunt was in so much distressed and pointing finger of blame everywhere, Robert and his staff was very quick to respond, patient and considerate to her situation which was able to make her actually heal and it was not because of money, it was because Robert took time to read and explain all his results and findings with proof and what it meant in her case. My aunt finally was at peace and was able to see and understand the information and accepted the truth and always tell me nephew I really like Robert, no one would explain what happened but he took time to make sure I understood it, and now refers him to everybody we know. You cannot go wrong with dealing with Robert and his office. Final word: Allow him to do his job and give him all information then sit back and relax.”

“I am happy that you worked hard for my case and appreciate everything you did for me. If you have a friend I would recommend you to Attorney SMOLER as he does a great job.”
“HI Robert,
I hope you’re doing well!I just wanted to email you a testimonial for you to add to your array of wonderful reviews.No words could say how grateful I am for your help in my case. I am satisfied not only with the results, but also with the process. Working with you made this misfortune a little less unfortunate. You were kind, understanding, and proactive on top of it all. I would refer you to any family member or close friend in a heartbeat. A million thank you’s are not enough. This is your guy if you want an outstanding attorney with not only compassion, but also determination and a winning attitude.”Thank you again Robert.
“Simply Fantastic!!!!! Best Describes Robert Smoler. He stepped right in and got the job done.
After being injured on the job, I was looking for a lawyer that I could trust who would handle my case. I used a well-advertised firm but they did not give my case the attention it needed.They were very eager to sign the case up but not do any work. I called and left messages but never got a call back. They had my case for over 3 months and had not even filed a 19b Emergency Petition to get me my benefits. I didn’t know what I was going to do. Being the head of my household and now with my bank account depleted and bills piling up I decided to seek out another lawyer and that’s when I came across the Smoler Law firm website. I went in to his office to meet with him and instantly I knew that he was very knowledgeable and that I would be in good hands. He agreed to take over my case from my prior attorney. In less than 30 days Mr.Smoler recovered all of my back TTD benefits! He did everything I would want a lawyer to do for me while going through a workers’ compensation case. I would highly recommend his firm to anyone who may have a work related injury or any kind of injury. Thank you Mr. Smoler! You are truly a Blessing and I am forever grateful!!!”
“Your vast knowledge in the workers compensation field and exceptional personality have made a difficult time in my life much easier for me. I came to you with an offer directly from the insurance company and you correctly advised me that my case had more value but we would have to fight together to get it. Thank you for all your hard work in preparing and prosecuting the trial of my case and obtaining a settlement 40% higher than the insurance company’s last offer plus all my benefits while the case was pending. I would highly recommend you to anyone who needs an attorney in this field.”
“Two other law firms walked away from my case. The Smoler Law Office not only accepted it but won the case! I am so grateful. One of the best firms to deal with definitely for Workers’ Compensation and I would trust them with any of my injury claims. Amen!”
“I would recommend Mr. Smoler to anyone with a serious injury such as mine as he has been able to accomplish a great settlement of my case when the insurance companies had been refusing to pay anything on my claims. He has represented my family before and we are always confident in his ability to protect our best interests.”
“Mr. Smoler is a great attorney and if anybody is looking for one he is the man. The company I was working for did not have work comp insurance and he fought the fight and got me my money and did a fantastic job.”
“Today I received my check for workers’ compensation. I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work. If it were not for you, I wouldn’t have been able to get workers’ compensation at all, since I was refused originally. All your effort is greatly appreciated. Again thank you.”
“I appreciate the hard work Mr. Smoler did on my Worker’s Compensation claim. Mr. Smoler did a very good job for me on my case and I would recommend him to anyone.”
“I think Mr. Smoler is one of the best, I have complete confidence in him. He took my case when no other lawyer would and they all said it was a losing cause and Mr. Smoler brought my case to a successful conclusion. He will fight for you when others won’t. If I ever need a lawyer again, I know where to go.”
“Mr. Smoler is not like most lawyers, he fights for your rights and he tells you how it is and he doesn’t jerk you around and if takes time to get you your benefits, he will take that time. He works and strives to serve his client.”
“Thanks for all your hard work and patience.”
“What started out as a legal professional relationship has really turned into a true friendship.”
“Mr. Robert J. Smoler has been more than a salvation to me. He took a Worker’s Compensation case that could have been to my detriment had he not taken the case. The case was recently settled and had it not been for Mr. Smoler, I would have lost my house and all of my ownings and my son could not have continued in school and I would have had to take him out of school. He is one of the best lawyers I have ever encountered because he listens to his clients and works for the betterment of his clients. I will be forever indebted and thankful.”
“Mr. Robert Smoler, thank you very much for the settlement…, I also thank you for being a good person at heart. Thank you and God Bless!!!”
“I can’t thank Robert Smoler enough for all of the effort he put forth to bring my worker’s compensation case to a successful resolution. I first contacted Robert because I had lost all confidence in the original attorney I had hired. Though I was an emotional mess, Robert was willing to take over my long drawn-out case, which was very complex and involved a serious injury. From the first moment we spoke, I sensed that he had a genuine interest in me and not just what was in it for him.”
“Robert Smoler proved to be an effective attorney right from the start. His attention to detail and his ability to stay abreast of my case was impressive, to say the least. I have dealt with many attorneys in my past and I found Robert to be a breath of fresh air because of his willingness to truly listen to his client, his innate ability to know your case like the back of his hand, and his tenacious ability to get the job done. He took over the reins of my five year old case and within a year had brought it to a successful resolution. I couldn’t have been more pleased. I would recommend Robert Smoler to anyone and everyone.”

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