It’s unfortunate, but true; there are many different ways you can be injured at work. Many of those injuries can be compromising and lead to disability or extended absence from work. Are you familiar with what constitutes a work injury and what benefits you are entitled to?

The most frequently reported kinds of workplace injuries can include Slip & Fall injuries. If there was an unsafe surface or a hole that caused a tripping hazard can result in a slip and fall. Poor lighting can also be a factor in this type of injury. It is the responsibility of the business owner to find and eliminate these types of hazards, and create a safe workplace for both employees and customers.

Another type of common work injury is when an employee or worker is being Struck by an Object. These sorts of injuries are less common than other types of injuries, because they generally only occur in warehouse type settings. Types of projectiles can include:

  • Heavy boxes
  • Heavy machinery
  • Carts
  • Bins
  • Heavy merchandise

An employer should always have fully trained operators that handle the heavy machinery. Also areas underneath storage space should be secure, and keep workers safe should an object fall.

Overexertion is another common injury that occurs in the workplace. Before any employee becomes active, they must undergo training on how to properly lift heavy objects and how to pace themselves at their work. While improper lifting or working to exhaustion might not seem like “valid injuries”, they are considered to be, so it is up to the managers and owners to make sure employees are following safe work practices.

There are many different types of injuries that can occur in the workplace. If you have been injured in any way while on the job, you need to speak with a skilled attorney at Smoler Law. We have been helping individuals like yourself for over 25 years, and want to help assist you with your case. Call 312-332-9800 for a free legal evaluation today.