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In Illinois, workers’ comp benefits may include:

Medical Expenses
Employers must pay all necessary medical expenses required to cure or relieve the injury or condition of an eligible employee; there is no time limit or monetary cap placed on medical expenses for work injuries. Injured workers also have the right to choose their initial primary physician and may change primary physicians one additional time at the employer’s expense. Expenses related to any referrals the primary physician may make to specialists or for diagnostic testing are fully covered as well.

Employers do have the right to have an injured worker see a doctor of the company’s choosing at a reasonable time and place. Injured workers who choose not to attend this appointment risk losing their workers’ compensation benefits.

Temporary Total Disability
If an injured worker cannot return to their job for more than three working days and can provide their employer with a written doctor’s statement to that effect, employers must pay weekly benefits that are equal to two-thirds (66.6 percent) of the worker’s weekly average pay (gross) for the previous year. These payments must begin within 14 days of the injury and are subject to legal minimum and maximum amounts.

Permanent Partial Disability
Employees who sustain a permanent disability may receive permanent partial disability benefits (PPD). Permanent partial disability ratings apply to a number of injuries ranging from carpal tunnel surgery to the loss of a finger, to total quadriplegia. The amount of PPD benefits an employee is entitled to will depend on the severity of the injury, the body part(s) affected, the limitations the injury has imposed on the employee, and other factors.

Permanent Total Disability
If an employee is injured to the extent that they cannot return to work in any capacity, they may receive lifetime weekly payments (subject to specified minimum and maximum weekly amounts) equal to two-thirds of their previous wage.

Vocational Rehabilitation / Retraining
If an employee is unable to return to their previous job—vocational rehabilitation, job retraining, or education expenses necessary for them to return to gainful employment must be paid for by the employer. If the injured worker’s new occupation pays less than their old one, they may also be entitled to receive wage loss benefits equal to two-thirds of the difference in pay.

Death Benefits
Spouses, minor children, and in some cases, other family members who were financially dependent on the deceased employee may be entitled to have funeral expenses reimbursed and to receive weekly benefits to compensate them for the loss of support. Weekly death benefits are equal to two-thirds of the worker’s average weekly gross pay for the previous year (subject to limits).

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