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42 year old went in for minor surgery, a hysterectomy but suffered as a result of medical negligence by the medical providers at a major Chicago area medical center. Initially, her recovery was delayed by a bowel puncture after surgery which took 11 days to discover! Her recovery was further complicated by the fact the resident mistakenly sewed her bowel to her stomach. She underwent four surgeries and had a foot of her bowel removed. Further complicating her recovery she had fluid in her lungs which caused pleurisy which she still suffers from today. The hospital settled before trial for an amount totaling $2,561,798.50.

43 year old delivery driver for a specialty goods importer slipped on a substance on the ramp exiting the delivery docks of a major grocery store chain and injured his back. He left the scene via ambulance and subsequently underwent spinal fusion which did not resolve his pain and he developed a pain syndrome and was unable to return work. Our office represented him on both his Workers’ Compensation claim and his Third Party Claim. The Workers Compensation claim was notable as the employer denied the claim based on accident. We prosecuted a 19b for our client and during the hearing under cross-examination his supervisor admitted they only denied the claim because the supervisor had been on that ramp before and did not believe our client would have rolled over as many times as he did during his fall. The Arbitrator cleared the room and ordered the Respondent to not only accept the claim and pay full benefits but also to pay Penalties and Attorney Fees for a frivolous defense! Our client received $485,099.00 in Workers Compensation benefits as a result and the full amount of this lien was negotiated to ZERO as part of the Third Party Settlement! The Defendant grocery store settled before trial for $900,000.00 which as recovery totaling $1,358,099.00 for client!

58-year-old airline maintenance worker was in the process of a cleaning a plane at O’Hare when he sustained an unwitnessed fall from the truck holding their cleaning supplies. He was unable to recall the accident due to a a closed head injury resulting in brain damage. He was rendered permanently disabled with lifelong care required as well as medication to control the resulting seizure disorder. He was not eligible for SSDI or Medicare as he had not paid into the system over his career. This case was complicated by the fact the client could not tell us how the accident happened. We were able to settle his Workers’ Compensation case before trial for $875,000.00 representing $525,000.00 in one lump sum and $350,000.00 payable monthly over the next five years at just under $6,000.00 a month. The settlement provides for $178,000.00 compromise lump sum of a Permanent Total Disability, $200,000.00 for past medical 24-hour care provided and $488,000.00 for future medical and nursing care.


It should be noted that our firm conducted a complete investigation of the accident to seek any third-party defendant that may have contributed to the accident and may have been responsible for this catastrophic injury. A lawsuit was filed to preserve his rights and complete the investigation. It bears repeating that the client had no recall of the accident and was unable to assist in our investigation. It was determined that the cause of the accident was his co-worker driving the truck pulled away before checking the rear of his truck where the client was most likely obtaining his cleaning supplies and about to climb down the back of the truck but instead was thrown headfirst into the tarmac.

28 year old freight handler at O’Hare was on the tarmac unloading a semi-tractor trailer for an air freight company when the truck driver began backing up his truck while our client was still unloading the freight onto the forklift. He was pinned between the truck and the forklift and suffered a crushing injury to his mid-section resulting in an obstructed bowel that necessitated surgery, fractures to his pelvis, and post-traumatic stress disorder. He was in a drug induced coma for three weeks after the injury to allow his body to heal. Fortunately, he was able to return to work. In addition to obtaining all of his Worker’s Compensation Benefits, including an Award for his permanent partial disability, we instituted a third party lawsuit against the driver of the truck, his employer and the owners of the truck. The third party lawsuit settled just before trial for $710,000.00.

58 year old furniture service technician was rear ended while driving for his employer. He suffered serious injuries requiring two cervical surgeries which failed to relieve his pain and a shoulder surgery and a hand surgery. He was permanently disabled from working. He was not a Medicare candidate as he had only worked in this country a few years and had not paid in to Social Security long enough to qualify for SSDI and Medicare. This client sought out our firm after being dissatisfied with his first attorney who had told him his case was worth $100,000.00. We were able to obtain a Workers’ Compensation settlement before trial not only for his permanent disability but also for his future medical expenses in one lump sum of $427,000.00.

69 year old widow on her way to her daily work out at the Y was crossing the street to catch a bus and was in the crosswalk when struck by a van owned by a transportation company. She suffered a fractured bone in her leg that was repaired surgically with plates and screws. She required months of nursing home care before she was able to return home. The van’s owner contended they were not liable as our client was running across the street against the light. The case settled before trial in the amount of $300,000.00.

22 year old woman employed by a community services agency was walking on a sidewalk leading a group of children on a field trip downtown when a board from a new high-rise under construction was sheared off by a hoist that was being moved. The wood fell over 50 stories before hitting a scaffold and then careened across the street striking our client in the head. She suffered a concussion and head and neck injuries as well as post-traumatic stress disorder from nearly escaping death. She underwent medical and psychological treatment. We successfully gained for her all of her Worker’s Compensation medical and temporary disability benefits as well as a settlement of 20% Man as a Whole for her job injury which mainly consisted of the Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Further, we prosecuted the Third Party claim against the General Contractor and the Hoist Company and obtained a settlement just prior to trial of $165,000.00.

41 year old flight attendant for a major airline tripped on the jetway and injured her back. Her first back surgery failed and she had a second back surgery. She was not able to return to her previous employment due to her light duty restrictions. The case was settled based upon a Wage Loss Differential as she was earning less in her new job than she would have in her flight attendant position in the amount of $150,000.00.

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