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When an illegal immigrant is hurt on the job, did you know that they are still entitled to workers’ compensation benefits? It’s a common myth that aliens injured while working are somehow not entitled or will be denied benefits since they are in the country illegally, but this is untrue. There are laws in place that guarantee injured workers compensation even if they are in the country illegally or are undocumented workers.

In some cases, employers will try to deny benefits on these grounds, and that’s when you need qualified legal representation to ensure that your rights are being upheld.

Why are there laws active that guarantee benefits to illegal aliens? These laws are in place to discourage employers from hiring illegal immigrants, because not guaranteeing benefits to aliens is thought to “provide incentive” for companies to hire them.

If the undocumented worker is paid in cash, (not by check) they are still eligible for workers’ compensation. This demonstrates the importance of speaking to a skilled attorney to see if you have a case.

Have You Been Injured on the Job?

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