A back or neck injury can change your life in just an instant. The result of the injury can leave you with shooting pain, a limited range of motion, or uncomfortable stiffness day in and day out. Left untreated, the problem could worsen and strip you of your mobility.

We often underestimate the sensitive nature of our backs and necks until it impacts us on a day to day basis. What is worse, the effects of back injuries tend to follow the afflicted their whole life, even branching into hip and knee troubles. If your daily tasks have become a challenge due to a slip & fall injury, car accident, on the job injury, or some other hazard, contact Smoler Law Office for help securing compensation. Here are just some of the back injuries we develop cases for:

  • Slipped Discs
    The discs along your spine absorb the shock of your everyday activities—walking, jumping, falling, the strain of even lifting an arm all send shockwaves throughout your back. Even one slipped disc means that you feel those shockwaves, instead of having them absorb into your body’s cushioning.
  • Lumbar Strain
    Heavy lifting and intense labor can take its toll. If you work in a field like construction, a factory setting, or a stockroom, your lower back or “lumbar area” could experience significant pain. Lumbar strains occur when the large low back muscle is strained to a great extent and might even tear the ligaments holding muscles together. Lumbar strains are a common on the job affliction which demands action for compensation and disability to help you recover or simply live with the daily reality of an injured back.
  • Sciatica
    The excruciating, shooting pain of Sciatica can make simple tasks like walking unbearably uncomfortable. A slipped disc is a misalignment in which one of your spinal discs end up pinching one of your nerves. Sciatica can be a result of a car accident, or perhaps at a profession where you must lift heavy items and twist the spine shortly thereafter.
  • Lessened Range of Motion in the Neck
    Cervical radiculopathy is a common repetitive stress injury that occurs in the workplace. If you are constantly answering the phone and cradling it on your shoulder, you could end up with disc compression in your neck, resulting in shooting pain. Once you lose range of motion in this area, everyday tasks can become a real challenge.
  • Slip & Fall
    On the job, in a public place or private residence, a simple slip from a hazardous bump in the ground or slippery floor can have serious consequences for your everyday mobility. Do not write it off as a simple accident—you deserve to hold the property owner liable for putting you at risk. We can help you build a strong case against an owner’s negligence, contact our offices for help today.

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