Getting Disability: When You Can’t Wait Any Longer

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SSDI applicants in Illinois may be able to speed up the disability claims process through a congressional inquiry. The Social Security Administration has provided guidance to hearing officers and administrative law judges about how they should handle congressional inquiries in individual cases, and they are supposed to respond to them promptly. Applicants can request congressional inquiries about the statuses of their cases by contacting their local Congress member's office. While requesting a congressional inquiry may not work, it can speed up the decision process and will not negatively impact the application. What Is a Congressional … [read more]

Attention Injured Police Officers: You Have the Right to Get Paid

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Police officers are entitled to workers’ compensation coverage for injuries and illnesses that are related to the performance of their jobs. In general, police officers and firefighters are entitled to the same coverage as other workers under the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act. However, some police officers and firefighters are excluded from covereage under the act. Chicago police have a parallel disability benefits system for workplace injuries instead.  Workers’ Compensation Workers’ compensation is an insurance program that pays for medical costs and wage replacement for workers who are injured. If the worker is permanently … [read more]

Disability Backlog Grows: Death Toll Continues to Rise

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Social Security disability applicants are trapped in administrative limbo, unable to get money to pay for their medications or treatment, and unable to advance their cases as the SSDI backlog continues to grow and the death toll continues to rise. From the beginning of 2016 through the end of 2017, federal data obtained by the Washington Post reports that 18,701 people died while waiting for their social security disability benefits to process. The average applicant waits approximately 599 days for a disposition. Sometimes, people wait more than two years. Even when applicants finally make it to a judge, the average approval rate is only 55 … [read more]

Who Is Liable for Slippery Sidewalk Injuries in Chicago?

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Business owners are responsible for maintaining the safety of the sidewalks that abut their business and may be liable for injuries resulting from a slippery sidewalk. Chicago requires property owners to shovel snow and remove ice on sidewalks that abut their properties. Snow Removal Laws in Chicago Pursuant to Municipal Code of Chicago, property owners and occupants are required to shovel the snow and remove the ice in front of their buildings. The law requires anyone who owns or occupies a building that abuts a public way (i.e. sidewalk) to remove snow and ice. The law requires occupants to clear a five-foot path to allow individuals … [read more]

Relying on PELs Can Get Workers Killed

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Relying on PEL's can cause serious injuries or death to workers. Permissible exposure limits (i.e. PELs) refers to the amount of exposure workers can endure before they suffer adverse health consequences. There are PELs for a variety of compound, chemicals, substances, and radiations. According to the government, workers can be exposed to acceptable amounts of these substances and they won’t suffer adverse health consequences. However, this position is controversial within many industries. Background on PELs PELs were first established in 1971 by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (“OSHA”), the year of OSHA’s founding. … [read more]