How Effective Is the Team Approach to Safety™?

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A team approach to safety that provides adequate personnel, resources, and employee training has been shown to reduce or eliminate work-related injuries and deaths. Without a team-oriented safety awareness program, employers may be liable for workplace injuries suffered by employees. The Team Approach Increases Safety Employee involvement in safety training and awareness is an essential component of a workplace safety plan. Equally important is the safety team that leads and oversees the safety program. This team approach provides safety leadership and increases employee awareness and compliance with safety standards. Safety Team … [read more]

Boosting Dependent Disability Benefits

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Qualified dependents of workers receiving Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits are also entitled to a benefit amount. SSDI rules limit the amount payable to a family, but understanding the rules can ensure that dependents receive the maximum amount allowable, boosting a family's total benefit. A Significant Increase In 2017, more than 10 million disabled workers and their dependents claimed benefits under the SSDI program. The average SSDI benefit amount was about $1,100 a month. By including eligible dependents, recipients can significantly increase the amounts paid to their family. Boost Disability Payments to the … [read more]

5 Types of Burn Injuries

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There are many types of burns that can cause permanent scarring, disfigurement, or even death. When severe burn injuries are caused by the negligence of someone else, the degree of the burn, its location on the body, and the type of burn injury help to determine damages in a personal injury case. Thermal burns Thermal burns often result from explosions or direct contact with flame or hot objects such as irons, cooking pans, and heated appliances. The severity of injury depends on the temperature of the heat source and the length of exposure. Chemical burns Most common in the workplace, chemical burns result from coming into contact with … [read more]

Younger Workers’ Riskier Behaviors Put Themselves and Others In Danger

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Young workers who take foolish risks at work and new workers who lack experience increase the likelihood of workplace injuries to themselves and others. A young worker refers to anyone under the age of 25. A new worker is a person of any age who has little experience working at their current job. What makes young and new workers risky? It is understandable that anyone lacking on-the-job experience is going to be less adept at a job than workers who have spent many hours in the workplace. Just being unfamiliar with the work environment puts new workers and visitors to the workplace at risk of injury. Many accidents that are blamed on … [read more]

How Concentration, Persistance, and Pace Impact Your Disability Claim

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Problems with concentration, persistence, and pace that affect an individual's ability to work may be grounds for a disability claim. When considering whether or not to approve disability claims from workers with mental impairments, the Social Security Administration looks at concentration, persistence and pace and how they impact applicants' ability to work. These factors are sometimes hard to understand, as they are not as easily defined as physical disabilities. Understanding the impact of concentration, persistence, and pace on disability claims will help those with mental impairments make more effective disability claims. Defining … [read more]