Interstate trucking is governed by an interlocking maze of state and federal regulations. Because of this, personal injury and wrongful death claims resulting from trucking accidents are generally more complex and difficult to piece together than “ordinary car accidents.” In many cases, attorneys for the trucking company, their insurance carrier(s), and other parties who may be liable have strategic action plans in place that go into effect almost immediately. Their job: Do whatever they can to limit the amount of compensation that you recover.

If you or a family member has been injured as the result of a truck wreck or 18-wheeler accident—it will not cost you any more to have attorney Robert Smoler start working to protect your interests now than it would if you waited. If you do wait, however, valuable evidence could be degraded or disappear entirely and your case could end before it ever really gets started.

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Smoler Law Office represents people who have been injured or killed as the result of commercial vehicle and trucking accidents on the streets, toll roads, and highways of Cook County and the entire Chicago Metro area. In addition to tractor-trailers, the firm’s practice also includes accidents involving commercial vehicles such as buses, taxis, commuter trains, delivery trucks, shuttle vans, and corporate automobiles. In any case, it is critical to start investigating the accident as soon as possible, regardless of the type of vehicle(s) involved.

Important evidence that needs to be documented or preserved ASAP may include tire marks, vehicle debris, road conditions, the commercial vehicle’s maintenance records, drivers’ log books, and alcohol or drug test results. Smoler Law Office has been handling these complex cases for over 25 years and will move quickly to make certain this evidence is not lost and to counter the trucking and insurance company’s efforts to avoid paying you the compensation you deserve.

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