Who Is Liable for Slippery Sidewalk Injuries in Chicago?

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Business owners are responsible for maintaining the safety of the sidewalks that abut their business and may be liable for injuries resulting from a slippery sidewalk. Chicago requires property owners to shovel snow and remove ice on sidewalks that abut their properties. Snow Removal Laws in Chicago Pursuant to Municipal Code of Chicago, property owners and occupants are required to shovel the snow and remove the ice in front of their buildings. The law requires anyone who owns or occupies a building that abuts a public way (i.e. sidewalk) to remove snow and ice. The law requires occupants to clear a five-foot path to allow individuals … [read more]

Relying on PELs Can Get Workers Killed

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Relying on PEL's can cause serious injuries or death to workers. Permissible exposure limits (i.e. PELs) refers to the amount of exposure workers can endure before they suffer adverse health consequences. There are PELs for a variety of compound, chemicals, substances, and radiations. According to the government, workers can be exposed to acceptable amounts of these substances and they won’t suffer adverse health consequences. However, this position is controversial within many industries. Background on PELs PELs were first established in 1971 by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (“OSHA”), the year of OSHA’s founding. … [read more]

The Fast Track to Getting Disability

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The Social Security Administration (“SSA”) administers several programs, including Compassionate Allowances, which allows the SSA to fast-track applications for disability insurance benefits if certain conditions are met. Disability provides payments to individuals who are limited or unable to work because of a permanent or semi-permanent condition. Ordinarily, the application process can take months or even years. However, for certain conditions, the SSA will provide fast-tracked approval. Compassionate Allowances Explained Compassionate Allowances is a program that allows individuals afflicted with certain conditions, such as adult brain … [read more]

Understanding Liability When a Recalled Product is Resold

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The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 (“CPSIA”) forbids consumers from reselling products that have been recalled and resellers can be held liable for the damages these products cause. The CPSIA includes both commercial resellers, such as the Goodwill or Salvation Army, and garage sales, consignments, Etsy stores, and eBay businesses. What does the CPSIA restrict? The CPSIA makes it illegal to sell any product that has been recalled. The Act broadly defines “product” to include anything that is found in or around a school, home, or recreational setting including rugs, curtains, furniture, jewelry, toys, electronics, sports … [read more]

How Effective Is the Team Approach to Safety™?

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A team approach to safety that provides adequate personnel, resources, and employee training has been shown to reduce or eliminate work-related injuries and deaths. Without a team-oriented safety awareness program, employers may be liable for workplace injuries suffered by employees. The Team Approach Increases Safety Employee involvement in safety training and awareness is an essential component of a workplace safety plan. Equally important is the safety team that leads and oversees the safety program. This team approach provides safety leadership and increases employee awareness and compliance with safety standards. Safety Team … [read more]