A recent NIH study on occupational low back pain in truck drivers found that over 50% of long distance truck drivers surveyed experience debilitating lower back pain.  For those familiar with the physical demands of truck driving, the study findings make sense, if not provide a conservative estimate of what some claim is an epidemic of back problems that affect long distance truck drivers at a rate of four times the national average.  The human spinal column was not made for sitting long hours on the lower end of the spine.  Spinal discs that are supported by water begin to deteriorate when the compression of the spine restricts fluid retention.  Add to that the constant vibrations of a semi truck throttling across sometimes rough terrain, and you have a recipe for spinal injury.

So, what can be done to mitigate the effects of long distance driving?  Spinal decompression exercises and a series of stretches can alleviate back problems on the road.  The following article, written by yoga instructor Teri Leigh, gives easy-to-follow instructions and helpful photographic illustrations of exercises that can be done on the road.  (Note:  Teri Leigh and related links are not affiliates of Smoler Law Office).

This helpful article for truck drivers can be found here.

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