If not physically possible for an employee to return to work after an injury, there are a few options available. How and where the injury happened will help determine if an employee may receive financial assistance through workers’ compensation, Social Security Disability benefits, or other such options. 

What to do if You Are Not Ready to go Back to Work After an Injury?

If the injured party was working when the injury happened, there is a potential worker’s compensation claim. If the criteria are met, then a claim should be filed. The amount of payment issued by workers’ compensation is determined by the level of restrictions that are determined after a doctor’s review.  If the employee’s condition is the result of an injury that did not occur in the workplace, then he or she may consider filing for Social Security Disability. 

Workers’ Compensation

After a workplace accident, the injured person is eligible for Worker’s Compensation if the injury occurred at work. Such claims sometimes involve oversight by a caseworker to monitor the treatment needed. If the injured person is under the care of a doctor, the doctor will determine when he or she can return to work. 

Sometimes, the employer will try to require an employee person return to work. In such circumstances, the treating doctor will do an assessment. If the doctor deems the employee cannot return to work, worker’s compensation will document the doctor’s response. No employer can override the doctor’s determination. Workers’ compensation will offer benefits to the employee, including medical care coverage and partial wage replacement. 

Returning to Work with Restrictions

If the employee is able to return to work but unable to perform all their duties, they will be placed on restrictions. Employers must abide by the restrictions set forth by workers’ compensation doctors. The doctor is the individual who determines the employee’s level of improvement and ability to return to work. 

Unemployment Benefits

If the injury occurred outside the workplace, disability might be an option. Disability would evaluate the injury and determine the applicable coverage and recovery time. A doctor would also need to evaluate to see if additional time is needed for a full recovery. There is an additional option of unemployment benefits. If the injured are let go from their job, they can file for unemployment instead of disability.