If you’re preparing to meet with your work injury attorney, you’ll need to gather various types of documentation. What kind of information does a workers’ compensation lawyer need? Your attorney will need information regarding the nature of the accident and background information on the victim’s employment. By organizing this information for your attorney, you have the best shot at achieving a favorable outcome.

Preparing to Meet with a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

When preparing to meet with your workers’ compensation attorney, assembling key pieces of information can help ensure that the meeting is productive, you do not omit important details about your injuries, and that your lawyer provides you with accurate answers about your claim. 

Information Your Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Will Need

Lawyers need vital information from their clients so that they can reach the best possible outcome. Your attorney will need information about your pre-accident income, the amount of medical bills you are facing, your prognosis, and how your workplace accident occurred.

Essential Documents in a Workers’ Compensation Claim

Workers’ compensation lawyers often recommend gathering various types of documents before your meeting. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Earnings statements or pay stubs. Proof of your average weekly wage before the accident happened will assist the attorney in estimating the lost wages portion of your workers’ compensation benefits. If you don’t already have a copy of your recent paycheck stubs, you can request this information from your employer.
  • Your medical records. Your medical records will serve as documentation of when you first sought treatment for the injury, the severity of your injury, the treatments you have received, and your prognosis. 
  • Evidence and statements about how the accident happened. Include your written statement about how and when your workplace accident occurred, photos of the accident scene, and contact information of witnesses that may have seen you get hurt.
  • Communication Records: Bring any letters you have received from your employer, the insurance company, or the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission about your accident. Include notes about any telephone conversations you have had as well. 

What Kind of Information Does a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Need As Your Claim Progresses? 

Give your attorney any letters you receive about your work injury claim, additional medical bills you receive, and receipts for prescription medications you had to buy because of your injury. Be sure to ask your attorney about what kind of additional information he or she may need as your claim progresses.