Are Baby Boxes Really Safe?

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The use of baby boxes as safety devices may result in injury or death to infants. If a child is injured while confined in a baby box, parents may be entitled to damages. Fads versus Facts Baby boxes are being promoted as a safe place for babies to sleep. The reality is that much of the justification for the baby box fad is based on popular folklore and not so much on fact. The baby box concept originated in Finland where the government provides expectant mothers with a maternity package including a baby box for their newborn child. It is estimated that just 37 percent of parents in Finland use the boxes as a sleeping area. However, some … [read more]

This Industry Has the Highest Number of TBIs

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The construction industry has the highest risk of work-related traumatic brain injuries (TBI). Construction sites present many dangerous situations, often made worse by hazardous weather conditions, that raise the risk for TBIs. Falls are a leading cause of injury and death on construction sites. Some result in TBIs that cause long-term consequences. Since many go undiagnosed initially, construction workers can suffer a TBI and continue working, not realizing that the injury is severe. Long-term consequences of TBI Research conducted by the University of South Florida and the James A. Haley Veterans' Hospital found that TBIs cause … [read more]

How Will Remarriage Affect My SSDI Benefits?

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Getting remarried can be a fun and exciting event in a person’s life, but for someone who receives SSDI, there are several extra financial facets that must be reviewed. Remarriage can affect disability benefits in various ways and the actual impact is largely dependent on whether the person receives SSDI or SSI. The Social Security Administration can help with general questions. A social security disability attorney may be able to provide a more detailed analysis of a specific case. Types of Benefits Since part of the eligibility for SSI is determined by financial need, the amount a person receives for SSI benefits could change upon … [read more]

Have You Been Exposed to Toxic Mold?

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Understanding how toxic mold forms and the medical problems commonly associated with exposure to this dangerous substance can help individuals protect their health and their rights. Since toxic mold poses serious health risks to people, companies can be held responsible when their actions result in toxic exposure to others. How Toxic Mold Forms While most forms of mold are harmless, exposure to toxic mold can be very dangerous for humans. This type of mold forms when water leaks, flooding or poor humidity control creates an environment that causes extra moisture where mold can develop. When toxic mold is found, professionals must … [read more]

Uber’s Worker Injury Protection Insurance Program

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Uber drivers and drivers for other rideshare apps may be able to receive compensation for work-related injuries through a process similar to workers compensation. Drivers should familiarize themselves with the insurance policy that their rideshare service uses so they know how to obtain benefits. Uber Offers Workers Injury Protection Insurance Uber has initiated a driver injury protection insurance program across eight states in the country, including Illinois. This program provides coverage for work-related injuries similar to workers’ compensation policies that employers purchase. Injured drivers may decide to contact a workers … [read more]