Expedited SSDI Claims for Our Nation’s Heroes

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Veterans may be eligible for expediting their SSDI claims due to a partnership between the Social Security Administration and Veterans Affairs. This special program allows disabled some soldiers to receive benefits more quickly. Medical Exchange The primary way that the process is expedited is through the Health Exchange. This is a process that allows the VA to freely share medical records electronically with the SSA. Medical documentation is necessary in every disability case. In cases in which electronic medical records are not accepted, the processing time often takes months for an agency or medical facility to supply such documentation. … [read more]

Are We Doing Enough to Protect Our Children from Dog Bites

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Protecting children from dog bite injury requires vigilance on the part of parents, guardians, and dog owners. Illinois law holds dog owners responsible for the injuries caused by unprovoked dog bites. When the victims are children, the injuries can be significant. A personal injury lawyer can help families receive fair compensation for dog bite injuries suffered by their children. Children are at Highest Risk 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs in the United States each year. Eight hundred thousand of those victims require medical attention. More than half of those are children. Children are in proximity to dogs more often than adults … [read more]

Aggression in Hospitals Leads to Healthcare Worker Injuries

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According to OSHA, Healthcare workers, face a higher rate of injury from aggressive behavior than other professions. These physical assaults can result in serious injury, disability, and death. Hospital workers and their families are entitled to all of the benefits provided under workers compensation laws. Encountering Aggression is Part of the Job Nurses, EMTs, and other healthcare professionals routinely come face to face with the aggressive behavior of others. Their work often places them in tension-filled, traumatic settings. Many workers accept the violence as part of the job. In fact, healthcare workers at in-patient facilities … [read more]

Social Security is Changing the Rules for Medical Evidence

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New rules regarding medical evidence change the manner in which disability claims are reviewed and approved. Claimants and their Social Security Disability attorney must understand the impact of these changes or face the possibility of delays and denial of disability claims. How the New Rules Affect Disability Claims According to the Social Security Administration, the intent of the rules changes is to eliminate duplication and bring clarity to the claims determination process. As a result, several long-standing practices have been modified or discontinued. Treating Physician Opinion is no Longer the Primary Claim Determination Factor For … [read more]

Can You Receive Social Security Disability And Unemployment At The Same Time?

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A person may be able to qualify for Social Security disability and unemployment benefits even though these two programs have very different missions. However, applying for both types of benefits may raise certain implications, so it is important that claimants understand the potential risks and benefits of receiving both types of benefits at the same time. Social Security Disability Social Security disability is a program designed to provide monetary and medical benefits to individuals who suffer from a disabling condition that prevents them from maintaining substantially gainful employment. To qualify for Social Security disability, the … [read more]