Younger Workers’ Riskier Behaviors Put Themselves and Others In Danger

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Young workers who take foolish risks at work and new workers who lack experience increase the likelihood of workplace injuries to themselves and others. A young worker refers to anyone under the age of 25. A new worker is a person of any age who has little experience working at their current job. What makes young and new workers risky? It is understandable that anyone lacking on-the-job experience is going to be less adept at a job than workers who have spent many hours in the workplace. Just being unfamiliar with the work environment puts new workers and visitors to the workplace at risk of injury. Many accidents that are blamed on … [read more]

How Concentration, Persistance, and Pace Impact Your Disability Claim

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Problems with concentration, persistence, and pace that affect an individual's ability to work may be grounds for a disability claim. When considering whether or not to approve disability claims from workers with mental impairments, the Social Security Administration looks at concentration, persistence and pace and how they impact applicants' ability to work. These factors are sometimes hard to understand, as they are not as easily defined as physical disabilities. Understanding the impact of concentration, persistence, and pace on disability claims will help those with mental impairments make more effective disability claims. Defining … [read more]

Hunting Injuries that Might Surprise You

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When hunting seasons open in Illinois, emergency rooms prepare for a wide range of surprising injuries from animal attacks, defective hunting equipment like guns, knives, tree stands and bows, and from overexertion. Preparing for hunting season, even in the spring when turkeys and coyotes are the animals of choice rather than deer, means understanding these risks. Five surprising hunting risks that Illinois hunters should watch for include: Injuries from Tree Stands Whitetail deer remains one of the most popular game animals in the country. Hunters utilize tree stands to get better visibility when hunting deer. These stands sit 20 to 30 … [read more]

The Cold Truth About Working in Winter

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Employees working in cold conditions experience a higher risk of weather-related injury. While these risks may be part of the job, employers are not relieved of their responsibility to provide a safe environment and appropriate cold-weather safety training. When weather conditions are a contributing factor in a work injury, a workers compensation attorney may be able to determine if the employee is entitled to additional compensation for damages that resulted from employer negligence. Risks Rise as the Temperature Drops Cold Illinois winters bring an increased risk of work injury for those whose jobs require them to face the plummeting … [read more]

Weaknesses in the Compassionate Allowance Program Revealed

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The Compassionate Allowance Program was established to help expedite Social Security claims for claimants who suffer from certain severe medical conditions, but flaws in this program are causing unnecessary delays. In response, the Government Accountability Office has highlighted a number of challenges and issued recommendations for the SSD program. About the Compassionate Allowance Program The Compassionate Allowance program was established in 2008. It gives priority status to individuals who have certain medical conditions, placing them ahead of other claimants on the waiting list. There are over 200 conditions that qualify for the … [read more]