New Workers Comp Law in Illinois: What Employees Should Know

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Recent changes in the Illinois Workers' Compensation Act have created potential new challenges for injured workers. The stated intention of the changes is to make the program more efficient and flexible. However, the changes are significant enough that the average worker will not be aware of their new options and specific requirements for compliance. These new elements of the law make it more important than ever to contact an experienced Illinois workers' compensation attorney. For example, the amendments that are included in the new compensation establish Preferred Provider Programs. This change affects the manner in which employees … [read more]

When Objects Fall Out of the Sky

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OSHA records more than 50,000 incidents of workers being struck by falling objects each year. However, not all incidents are reported and investigated. Nationwide, the agency estimates that there are approximately 143 incidents per day. These objects include everything from hand tools and fasteners to steel beams and wooden trusses. When dropped from heights, even light objects have the potential to cause serious personal injuries to the person they strike. Injuries Caused by Falling Objects Falling objects can cause concussions, contusions, lacerations, and broken bones. They can also cause more serious injuries including Traumatic Brain … [read more]

Federal Hiring Freeze May Increase Backlog for Disability Claims

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President Trump recently announced a federal hiring freeze that may delay Social Security disability claims for millions of applicants. A Social Security disability attorney can oversee the claims process for individuals with delayed claims and pending appeals. How Long Do Disability Claims Take? There is no set time frame for a Social Security disability claim to be approved or denied. An average disability claim filed with the Social Security Administration (SSA) can take as long as one year to decide. The length of time it takes for SSA to make a disability determination depends on a broad range of variables which can include filing an … [read more]

When the Ride Doesn’t Go Smoothly

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Many people are turning to ridesharing services to save money on taxis and travel expenses. For many consumers, this convenience comes at a considerable price to physical safety. As these services grow and expand throughout the state, it is a good bet that the number of reported accidents and injuries caused by ridesharing services will rise. Dangers of Ridesharing Uber, Lyft, and Vugo have minimal requirements for their drivers. They are not required to go through advanced drivers safety training or demonstrate that they can safely operate a motor vehicle. Drivers may operate their vehicle while intoxicated, they may have a habit of … [read more]

Understanding Black Ice & The Dangers It Presents

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Black ice is a leading cause of accidents and injuries in the winter months. Created by light rainfall onto frozen surfaces or by freeze-thaw cycles, it is difficult to see and dangerous to travel across. It is especially dangerous in Chicago, where winter weather conditions and the proximity to Lake Michigan create ideal conditions for the formation of black ice. Time of Day & Weather Changes Can Increase Black Ice Risk Black ice typically forms in the early evening as the temperature cools and refreezes any ice that has thawed during the day. It also occurs in the morning or early afternoon after it rains and the temperature drops … [read more]