Issues that Workers’ Compensation Patients May Face

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Although in many cases the claims process for work-related injuries proceeds fairly smoothly, sometimes, issues arise that can make it difficult for work injury victims to receive workers compensation benefits. By familiarizing themselves with some of the more common problems injured workers face and how to prevent them, victims can improve their chances of obtaining successful claims. Workers Compensation Claims Denials There is no guarantee that a workers' compensation claim will be granted. Many workers with legitimate work-related injuries or illnesses may be wrongfully denied benefits. Claims denials can occur for a variety of … [read more]

Establishing SSDI Entitlement for Medical Conditions

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For victims with disabling medical conditions, understanding the requirements needed to establish SSDI entitlement will streamline the process and improve the chances for a successful claim. A Social Security disability attorney can provide clients with advice and legal representation as they proceed through the SSDI claims process. Approximately 71 percent of people in Illinois who file for Social Security disability benefits are declined. In many cases, victims are declined because their claims simply didn't include the necessary information. Following a life changing medical diagnosis, entitlement for SSDI should be established as early … [read more]

Staff Fatigue Is Linked to Increased Medical Errors in the Hospital ER

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Fatigued doctors, nurses, and medical staff put hospital ER patients at increased risk for medical errors. Depending on the type of error and the patient's condition, injuries can range from mild to severe, even fatal. Medical Errors in the ER Doctors, nurses, and medical staff in hospital emergency rooms often work long hours and double shifts that contribute to fatigue and exhaustion, which in turn can lead to a confused mental state that significantly affects motor skills and judgment. These impairments often lead to mistakes and negligent behavior including misdiagnosis, failure to properly inform patients, medication errors, and … [read more]

Scaffolding Accidents: Causes, Prevention and Liability

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There may be several causes of Illinois scaffolding accidents at work leading to the potential liability of several parties. In addition to seeking workers' compensation benefits from the injured worker's employer, injured workers may also separately sue third parties who might also be liable, including negligent manufacturers, negligent installers and third-party property owners in some cases. A workers' compensation attorney may identify all of the potentially liable parties in a client's case and help with both the workers' compensation claim as well as any separately filed personal injury lawsuits against the other parties. Scaffolding … [read more]

Mental Disorders that Qualify for Social Security Disability Benefits

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The Social Security Administration (SSA) has updated the list of mental disorders that qualify for disability benefits for 2017. The main determining factor remains the individual's inability to work due to the condition. Merely having one of the listed conditions does not automatically qualify a person to receive Social Security benefits. While it is necessary to have a doctor or psychiatrist complete paperwork detailing the severity of the person's condition, institutionalization or round-the-clock care is not required to qualify. A Social Security disability attorney can advise individuals who feel they may qualify for disability on the … [read more]