Social Security Disability

Mental Functional Capacity Report and How it Affects Your Claim

The mental residual functional capacity report explains how a person’s mental illness or mental health condition impacts his or her ability to work. Just as a residual functional capacity report demonstrates the limitations regarding a claimant’s ability to lift a certain amount of weight, how long a person can stand and other physical assessments, the mental residual functional capacity report assesses how a claimant’s psychological, emotional, psychiatric and cognitive impairments affect a claimant’s ability to work. Mental RFC Reports The Social Security Administration uses the mental RFC report to determine whether a claimant can … [...]

Federal Hiring Freeze May Increase Backlog for Disability Claims

President Trump recently announced a federal hiring freeze that may delay Social Security disability claims for millions of applicants. A Social Security disability attorney can oversee the claims process for individuals with delayed claims and pending appeals. How Long Do Disability Claims Take? There is no set time frame for a Social Security disability claim to be approved or denied. An average disability claim filed with the Social Security Administration (SSA) can take as long as one year to decide. The length of time it takes for SSA to make a disability determination depends on a broad range of variables which can include filing an … [...]

How to Qualify for Social Security Disability

There has been a steep increase in SSDI claims over the past decade. The Social Security Administration established guidelines to help determine whether applicants are eligible. Does the applicant meet the minimum work credits? How severe is the disability? Can the applicant be trained for a different job? Consulting with an a legal representative will help you determine your eligibility. Review 5 Important Questions An SSDI application has special requirements. The first is a documented work credit. Applicants are required to have worked in an SSDI-covered job for at least 5 of the previous 10 years. The Social Security Administration then … [...]