Social Security Disability

How Will Remarriage Affect My SSDI Benefits?

Getting remarried can be a fun and exciting event in a person’s life, but for someone who receives SSDI, there are several extra financial facets that must be reviewed. Remarriage can affect disability benefits in various ways and the actual impact is largely dependent on whether the person receives SSDI or SSI. The Social Security Administration can help with general questions. A social security disability attorney may be able to provide a more detailed analysis of a specific case. Types of Benefits Since part of the eligibility for SSI is determined by financial need, the amount a person receives for SSI benefits could change upon … [...]

Expedited SSDI Claims for Our Nation’s Heroes

Veterans may be eligible for expediting their SSDI claims due to a partnership between the Social Security Administration and Veterans Affairs. This special program allows disabled some soldiers to receive benefits more quickly. Medical Exchange The primary way that the process is expedited is through the Health Exchange. This is a process that allows the VA to freely share medical records electronically with the SSA. Medical documentation is necessary in every disability case. In cases in which electronic medical records are not accepted, the processing time often takes months for an agency or medical facility to supply such documentation. … [...]

Social Security is Changing the Rules for Medical Evidence

New rules regarding medical evidence change the manner in which disability claims are reviewed and approved. Claimants and their Social Security Disability attorney must understand the impact of these changes or face the possibility of delays and denial of disability claims. How the New Rules Affect Disability Claims According to the Social Security Administration, the intent of the rules changes is to eliminate duplication and bring clarity to the claims determination process. As a result, several long-standing practices have been modified or discontinued. Treating Physician Opinion is no Longer the Primary Claim Determination Factor For … [...]

Establishing SSDI Entitlement for Medical Conditions

For victims with disabling medical conditions, understanding the requirements needed to establish SSDI entitlement will streamline the process and improve the chances for a successful claim. A Social Security disability attorney can provide clients with advice and legal representation as they proceed through the SSDI claims process. Approximately 71 percent of people in Illinois who file for Social Security disability benefits are declined. In many cases, victims are declined because their claims simply didn't include the necessary information. Following a life changing medical diagnosis, entitlement for SSDI should be established as early … [...]

Mental Disorders that Qualify for Social Security Disability Benefits

The Social Security Administration (SSA) has updated the list of mental disorders that qualify for disability benefits for 2017. The main determining factor remains the individual's inability to work due to the condition. Merely having one of the listed conditions does not automatically qualify a person to receive Social Security benefits. While it is necessary to have a doctor or psychiatrist complete paperwork detailing the severity of the person's condition, institutionalization or round-the-clock care is not required to qualify. A Social Security disability attorney can advise individuals who feel they may qualify for disability on the … [...]

Workers and Disability: The OASDI Program

The Old-Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance (“OASDI”) Program, popularly known as “Social Security,” is a federal government program that pays monthly income to insured workers and their families at retirement, disability, or death. The OASDI program is split into two parts, the Old-Age and Survivors Insurance (“OASI”) and Disability Insurance (“DI”) programs. The OASDI Program is the largest social welfare program in the United States, providing coverage to about one in five Americans. Eligibility to File Claims However, it isn’t automatically granted, for a worker to qualify for benefits, she must: Be insured for disability … [...]

What Are Retroactive Benefits With SSDI?

Some SSDI applicants in Illinois may be able to recover retroactive benefits that date back to the date that they were first disabled even if that date was earlier than when they first applied for SSDI benefits. Retroactive disability benefits differ from SSDI backpay because they may go back in time beyond the application date. These benefits may help the recipients to pay for their expenses so that they can have some financial stability. A Social Security disability attorney might help eligible applicants with requesting retroactive benefits that date back to the dates that they became disabled. Understanding Retroactive Benefits When … [...]

Mental Functional Capacity Report and How it Affects Your Claim

The mental residual functional capacity report explains how a person’s mental illness or mental health condition impacts his or her ability to work. Just as a residual functional capacity report demonstrates the limitations regarding a claimant’s ability to lift a certain amount of weight, how long a person can stand and other physical assessments, the mental residual functional capacity report assesses how a claimant’s psychological, emotional, psychiatric and cognitive impairments affect a claimant’s ability to work. Mental RFC Reports The Social Security Administration uses the mental RFC report to determine whether a claimant can … [...]

How Do You Qualify for Social Security Disability?

There are many types of impairments that qualify individuals for Social Security disability, based on the conditions listed in the Social Security Administration's impairment listing manual. These physical and mental impairments can allow workers to file a Social Security disability claim with a Social Security disability attorney. Impairments Listed in the Blue Book The SSA's listing manual, also referred to as the blue book, has been updated as of 2017 and includes the following: cardiovascular conditions including coronary artery disease or heart failure respiratory illnesses including asthma and COPD speech and sense issues … [...]

Federal Hiring Freeze May Increase Backlog for Disability Claims

President Trump recently announced a federal hiring freeze that may delay Social Security disability claims for millions of applicants. A Social Security disability attorney can oversee the claims process for individuals with delayed claims and pending appeals. How Long Do Disability Claims Take? There is no set time frame for a Social Security disability claim to be approved or denied. An average disability claim filed with the Social Security Administration (SSA) can take as long as one year to decide. The length of time it takes for SSA to make a disability determination depends on a broad range of variables which can include filing an … [...]