Workers Compensation

Aggression in Hospitals Leads to Healthcare Worker Injuries

According to OSHA, Healthcare workers, face a higher rate of injury from aggressive behavior than other professions. These physical assaults can result in serious injury, disability, and death. Hospital workers and their families are entitled to all of the benefits provided under workers compensation laws. Encountering Aggression is Part of the Job Nurses, EMTs, and other healthcare professionals routinely come face to face with the aggressive behavior of others. Their work often places them in tension-filled, traumatic settings. Many workers accept the violence as part of the job. In fact, healthcare workers at in-patient facilities … [...]

Issues that Workers’ Compensation Patients May Face

Although in many cases the claims process for work-related injuries proceeds fairly smoothly, sometimes, issues arise that can make it difficult for work injury victims to receive workers compensation benefits. By familiarizing themselves with some of the more common problems injured workers face and how to prevent them, victims can improve their chances of obtaining successful claims. Workers Compensation Claims Denials There is no guarantee that a workers' compensation claim will be granted. Many workers with legitimate work-related injuries or illnesses may be wrongfully denied benefits. Claims denials can occur for a variety of … [...]

Scaffolding Accidents: Causes, Prevention and Liability

There may be several causes of Illinois scaffolding accidents at work leading to the potential liability of several parties. In addition to seeking workers' compensation benefits from the injured worker's employer, injured workers may also separately sue third parties who might also be liable, including negligent manufacturers, negligent installers and third-party property owners in some cases. A workers' compensation attorney may identify all of the potentially liable parties in a client's case and help with both the workers' compensation claim as well as any separately filed personal injury lawsuits against the other parties. Scaffolding … [...]

What Happens to Your Workers Comp Benefits If You Get Fired?

If an employee is fired after suffering a work-related injury, his or her benefits should remain intact. Furthermore, he or she may have an additional claim against the employer for retaliation. Workers' Compensation Benefits In Illinois, an employee who sustains a work-related injury is entitled to workers' compensation benefits. The workers' compensation system is a tradeoff for an employee not suing his or her employee. In exchange, the employee receives certain medical and monetary benefits if he or she sustains an accident at work. Additionally, he or she does not have to prove that the employer was negligent or that this negligence is … [...]

Illinois Roadway Workers Need Safe Zone Protection

Without workplace safe zone protection, Illinois roadway workers are at high risk of injury and death from car accidents. Every year, hundreds of roadway workers suffer serious workplace injuries and file injury claims with a workers' compensation attorney. Roadway Workplace Accidents Each year over 20,000 workers are injured nationwide in roadway workplace zones. The leading cause of roadside-related injuries and fatalities is objects and vehicles striking workers. Crushing accidents, specifically being pinned by a vehicle, are the third leading cause of roadway accidents and injuries, followed by runover and backover accidents and … [...]

Proposed Workers’ Compensation Reform Would Hurt Workers

Proposed changes to the Illinois Workers Compensation Act include restrictions to medical services, prescriptions drug, and other benefits. If approved, these changes will result in more workers' compensation denials, an overall reduction in benefits, longer wait times, and unfortunately increasing denials. All sound reasons to keep a workers' compensation attorney on-side. The Grand Compromise Governor Rauner has been putting pressure on lawmakers by not agreeing to any budget unless certain state laws are changed. In response, a 13-bill package called the “grand compromise,” was put together to resolve the budget impasse between the … [...]

New Workers Comp Law in Illinois: What Employees Should Know

Recent changes in the Illinois Workers' Compensation Act have created potential new challenges for injured workers. The stated intention of the changes is to make the program more efficient and flexible. However, the changes are significant enough that the average worker will not be aware of their new options and specific requirements for compliance. These new elements of the law make it more important than ever to contact an experienced Illinois workers' compensation attorney. For example, the amendments that are included in the new compensation establish Preferred Provider Programs. This change affects the manner in which employees … [...]

How OSHA Machinery Policies Are Designed to Keep the Workplace Safe

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has developed specific regulations and policies for equipment, machinery, and mechanical power transmission devices that are often used in maintenance operations, repair shops, and machine shops. There are several requirements for guarding, physical safety, and electrical safety for many types of machines to maximize employee safety. Failure to meet any of these requirements violates OSHA regulations and can result in serious injury to employees or even death in some cases, making it necessary for businesses to adhere to OSHA's standards. Pre-Operational Procedures for Workplace … [...]

Can I Receive Workers’ Compensation If I Was Injured During Lunch?

When a worker is injured during a break, at lunch or while traveling for business, it can sometimes be unclear whether the injury is covered by workers' compensation laws. A workers' compensation attorney can help analyze the specifics of a case to determine whether benefits may be available for such "off-the-clock" injuries. Accidents on the Job Many break time and lunch injuries are eligible to receive workers' compensation benefits, even if the employee is engaging in an activity for his or her own personal use, such as using the restroom. For example, if a worker is injured while in the worksite cafeteria, he or she may still be … [...]

Protect Yourself from Repetitive Stress Injury

Blackberry thumb, iPod finger, gamer's thumb.  Do any of these phrases sound familiar?  Maybe not, but if you operate an electronic device in 2014, chances are, you can probably imagine how repetitive stress injuries can occur from even the most mundane tasks.  Workers compensation laws in Illinois not only address issues related to repetitive stress injury, but also offer effective solutions for workers who experience such injuries.  However, the Illinois workers compensation act's notice requirement may pose a roadblock in obtaining effective treatment for repetitive stress injuries.  It is important to recognize what types of work can … [...]